Scientists have time and again disproved the connection between diet and ADHD. But in 1973, a pediatric allergist named Benjamin Feingold, MD came forward with his study that showed a distinct connection between diet and ADHD.

Back in the 1920’s he started out as a pediatrician and saw the historic changes in the diets of children. In the 1960s, he saw the proliferation of food dyes and flavorings that became popular with foods on the supermarket shelves and became ultimately popular with children of the era.

Dr. Feingold’s favorite saying: “Any compound, natural or synthetic, can induce an adverse reaction if the individual has the appropriate genetic profile, i.e., disposition.”

He had world-wide scientific contacts so he knew what new findings there were in other countries, especially those who were researching about the cross-reactivity of salicylates and additives. Today, although it is reported that only a small percentage of children diagnosed with ADHD will have a positive reaction to an additive-free diet, it is recommended that an ADHD child should be given at least two servings of fish in their diet. It is shown that fish, rich in Omega-3 has a substantial effect on one’s’ brain functions therefore affecting an ADHD patient’s performance.

A popular diet for ADHD is the Feingold diet. Functioning in two stages, the Feingold diet clearly stipulates in Stage One the elimination of additives in food and salicylate compounds in certain foods and even non-foods like fragrances. Stage two is identifying the salicylates that can be tolerated. Improvements in focus and behavior have been reported and studies done in the early nineties have shown that around 75% of children who were put on the diet manifested considerable improvement.

The Feingold diet is not a hard and fast diet. It is actually a program which recommends a sort of a trial and error method to identify the foods that your child with ADHD reacts to. Inasmuch as the Feingold ADHD program is centered mostly on fish, it is also an ideal exchange diet for weight loss.