The different types of diabetes have different symptoms. Being able to identify these symptoms may not only save your life but also be able to catch the early warning signs so that early treatment can make a big difference in the management of your diabetes.

 TYPE 1 DIABETES – frequent urination, unusual thirst, irritability, extreme hunger and unusual weight loss.

 TYPE 2 DIABETES – any of the type 1 symptoms plus frequent infections, blurred vision, recurring gum, bladder or skin infections, cuts or wounds that do not heal or are hard to heal, hands and feet feel certain tingles or numbing.

GESTATIONAL DIABETES – in gestational diabetes, since you are in close communication with your doctor, it is usually the regular blood tests that will tell you if you have gestational diabetes. Your doctor will inform you of this and will prescribe an eating plan to veer you away from it or if it has already advanced, drugs or even insulin may be prescribed for the diabetes until you give birth.

Any of these symptoms warrants a trip to your doctor immediately. The earlier these symptoms are managed, the better chances you have. If you are not sure if you have the symptoms, The American Diabetes Association website offers a test where you can find out if you are susceptible or already have the symptoms. Alternati ely, you can visit