There are several sexually transmitted diseases that can harm your health in a bad way and one of them is genital human papillomavirus which is also known as HPV. Genitals are the spot of different types of germs and bacteria which can cause typhoid, STD and various other problems. Although some people mistakenly take HPV as HIV, it’s somewhat near to the characteristics of HIV. Forty types of HPV have been found that is caused by genital interaction and can be transmitted from one to another.

Symptoms of HPV

HPV almost remains inactive for many years inside human body and one can sometimes not even know that his or her body consists of HPV. Most of the people who have strong immune system can prevent the HPV and be cured without even knowing within a year or two. But those who don’t have such strong immunity can face genital warts, throat infection and even cervical cancer. Although HPV leads to cancer is still a myth to be researched, people have become severely ill because of having HPV.

How HPV originates

Mainly HPV is passed through intercourse both in anal and vaginal. It can also be passed through oral sex which can cause throat and mouth infection. Sometimes a sex partner is unable to realize that they are passing the disease of HPV to the opposite sex. If HPV is passed only once during sex it can remain in the body without even letting the person know that they are infected. Pregnant women rarely have any type of difficulty during their pregnancy while infected with HPV and passing onto the child is still a debating question.

Prevention of HPV

  • Safer intercourse using protection can be helpful in preventing HPV. There are several HPV related diseases that will not occur if proper precautionary steps are taken before any type of intercourse.
  • Vaccinations are available for both male and female which is known by the name Gradasil. This can prevent girls and boys to get infected by the HPV and help build a stronger immune system.
  • Cervical cancer and anal cancer can become a painful problem in the long run so the HPV disease should never be taken as a normal problem. It’s a serious virus that can ruin a person’s life and that is why the only way to remain protected is to have safe sex partner. Committing to only one single partner for intercourse and being faithful in the relationship will surely bring happiness to anyone’s life and also enable them to get rid of not only HPV but also fatal disease such as HIV, STD and STI.

HPV even though is not posing much threat to human body as it’s unable to surpass the immune system of many people, it can cause long term loss of good health and happiness in the long run. To prevent it people should be made more aware of using protection while intercourse and also be committed to a single person to share sexual experience.